Has your car lost that show room shine and has become a nightmare to keep clean?

It’s easy to give up and accept that your car just will never look it’s best, but don’t lose all hope just yet.

Below you are going to learn the 5 reasons why your car needs to be protected with a Ceramic Pro nano coating, by a Certified installer such as ourselves. Auto Guard is your premier Ceramic Pro certified installer serving San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, Danville, Blackhawk, Alamo, and surrounding areas. 

Let’s get started on understanding the 5 top reasons why having your car coated with Ceramic Pro is so crucial.

1. You’re going to save money in the long run.

On average, most people will get their car detailed & waxed 3-4 times a year. Those details are costing you anywhere from $75-$150 each!

The math is very simple, $75 x 4 times per year = $300 wasted each year!


Instead of throwing away your hard earned money on the old ways that don’t work, stop waxing your car and start truly protecting it from the environment with a Ceramic Pro coating.

We have many different Ceramic Pro service levels to meet every budget. Check out our complete list and prices by clicking here.

2. Cleaning your car is going to become way easier once protected with Ceramic Pro.

 Your car’s paint is like your skin, and has pores that let in and hold onto dirt and other environmental contaimanents. 

Ceramic coatings create a barrier between your car’s clear coat and harmful contaimanents by filling in these pores and creating a super hydrophobic layer above, repelling any dirt that tries to stick to it. 

Ceramic Pro coatings have self-cleaning properties, which make it less likely dirt will stick to it. Even mere water will capsulate the dirt and debris on top of the coating and roll them off effortlessly. 

 3. Ceramic Pro’s deep gloss and shine is unmatched.

Once your vehicle is coated with a Ceramic Pro coating, it will outshine any car on the road that’s merely wearing a thin layer of wax. 

Because we generally always paint correct the vehicle prior to applying the ceramic coating, the restored paint will dramatically become enhanced once the Ceramic Pro is applied.

4. Chemical and Scratch resistance superior to sealants and waxes.

Your vehicle only has a finite amount of clear coat. Every day it’s battling against UV rays, industrial fallout, and scratches. 

Sealants or waxes used to be the industry standard, until now.

Ceramic Pro coatings is super hydrophobic, so dirt will not stick to it as it would with bare clear coat or waxed paint. 

9h coating packages, such as our Silver and Gold, are much more scratch resistant, making it less likely for new scratches/swirls to be introduced to your paint. 

5. Improved vehicle resale value.

Nine out of Ten times, when you’re looking to sell your car, the potential buyer’s eyes are automatically drawn to the paint and whatever defects it has. 

By having your car protected with Ceramic Pro, the car is going to look new even years down the road. Which ultimately means more money back in your pocket.

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