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CERAMIC PRO in San Ramon, CA

Are you looking to cut down your car wash time in half and have that “show car” shine after each and every wash? Auto Guard Industries in San Ramon is your premier certified Ceramic Pro coatings installer. Serving San Ramon, Danville, Walnut Creek, Dublin, Pleasanton, and other surrounding cities! Stop wasting hundreds of dollars and hours of your time on costly details 4-6 times per year!

Ceramic Pro will greatly enhance your car’s shine, is going to protect the paint & clear coat much more than any sealant or wax ever will. A ceramic coating is far more scratch resistant than your factory clear coat and most importantly is going to make cleaning your car MUCH MUCH easier! This new nano technology makes the surfaces of your vehicle super hydrophobic.

Ceramic Pro can be applied to corrected or uncorrected finishes to provide a new highly durable layer of protection against contamination, bird poo, and other harmful factors that fight against your car’s shine on a daily basis. If you choose to apply the ceramic coating to an uncorrected finish, the swirl markers, minor scratches, etc may look enhanced as well. So we highly recommend letting our team of experts completely correct & polish your vehicle’s paint to perfection prior to applying any of our 9h ceramic coating products.


Why You Need A Ceramic Coating

  1. Builds a high gloss sacrificial layer over your factory paint & clear coat.
  2. Much easier to clean a ceramic coating vehicle vs non coated vehicle.
  3. Much more scratch resistant than your vehicle’s factory clear coat is.
  4. Very high gloss reflection, much deeper than you can achieve with wax.

Auto Guard Industries is a Certified Ceramic Pro installer. If you’re looking to have Ceramic Pro or any other ceramic coating applied to your vehicle in the San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton, Danville, Walnut Creek, or surrounding areas, AGi is just a short drive to achieve a gloss look like never before! Ceramic Pro, like many other ceramic coatings, is applied to almost any portion of your vehicle to help making cleaning a brease, reduce chance of new scratches, & give a shine that’s better than new!

Watch the video below to learn more about what Ceramic Pro can do for your vehicle!

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